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Construction of an R+1 Building for an Orphanage in Douala, Cameroon (Currently 10 beds available only for 35 kids) - ...
Douala, Cameroon
Construction of Catholic primary schools in Yebassi, Obala, Cameroon
Yaounde, Cameroon
Ensure the chances and any effort for the development of the rural Women in the Society
Obala, Cameroon
Raising funds to acquire ultrasound machines and for the construction of a health centers in rural communities in Camero...
Edea, Cameroon
OCCF - Endowment is to fund our operations and for non designated charitable activities.
Calgary, Canada
Your donation will help 50 kids in Cameroon, grade K-12, pay tuition fees and school materials in 2017
Aurora, United States
A Fund for OCCF to finance the construction of Retirement Homes for Priests in various dioceses worldwide
Aurora, United States
Please help Dioceses in Cameroon to build water towers in order to get potable and drinkable water for over 2,000 people...
Obala, Cameroon
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Overseas Catholics Community Foundation was established to allow donors to express their charitable intentions while also supporting the spiritual, educational and social needs both of the Catholic community and the broader North American and international community.

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